Sample Reading Questions

The reading section of this website assesses the delegate's reading skills, identifying how well he/she is able to understand the general message and the main ideas of a passage, comprehend the inferences and implied meanings of a text, and interpret the opinions of the writer.

The delegate will be expected to read the article and answer several questions regarding its content. In some instances, diagrams and images will be used. The articles vary in length and complexity, covering themes such as everyday life, work-related issues, and topics of general or academic interest. They may be descriptive or argumentative. Specialised knowledge of the subjects about which the articles speak is not required in order to answer the questions correctly; the texts resemble articles found in newspapers and magazines.

Question styles include single best answer, multiple choice, true, false or not stated, fill-in-the-blank, matching information, matching sentence endings, sentence completion, chart completion, and select the synonym. The delegate should submit his/her answer(s) and select 'Mark', upon which the correct answer(s) will be shown instantaneously.