Sample Writing Questions

The writing section of this website assesses the delegate's writing skills, identifying how well he/she is able to write an appropriate response, organise his/her own ideas, and use a range of vocabulary and grammar appropriately. It consists of questions that ask the delegate to write an essay, a description, a summary or a letter.

Delegates are expected to write approximately 250 words for each long essay and approximately 150 words for each short essay. For the long essay, the delegate should produce a discursive essay in response to the given point of view, argument or problem. The delegate might be asked to evaluate a specific problem, offer a solution to an issue, compare and contrast different ideas, or tackle an argument. To complete the short essay, the delegate should either describe/summarise visual information, which might be in the form of a diagram, graph or table, or write a letter in response to a certain issue.

We would suggest that the delegate times himself/herself when writing each essay, allocating 20 minutes for a short essay and 40 minutes for a long essay.

Delegates should submit their selected number of essays to The Academy for Advanced Scientific Communication. The tutors will verify and score each essay, and written feedback will be provided.