The Academy for Advanced Scientific Communication in English aims to encourage and assist intermediate users of the English language to refine their existing skills. It is hoped that, in aiding non-native speakers of the English language to enhance and perfect their linguistic aptitudes, the gap between professionals from a variety of diverse backgrounds will be bridged. This will ultimately facilitate the communication of science at the most advanced level.


The reading section of this website assesses the delegate's reading skills, identifying how well he/she is able to understand the general message and the main ideas of a passage, comprehend the inferences and implied meanings of a text, and interpret the opinions of the writer. The delegate will be required to read articles and answer questions regarding their content.


The listening section of this website tests the delegate’s listening skills, identifying how well he/she is able to interpret concepts and factual information that are spoken, as well as recognise the attitudes and opinions of a speaker. The delegate will be asked to listen to recordings on a variety of topics and answer the associated questions.


The writing section of this website assesses the delegate’s writing skills, identifying how well he/she is able to write an appropriate response, organise his/her own ideas, and use a range of vocabulary and grammar appropriately. The delegate can send his/her written passage (an essay, a description, a summary or a letter) to a tutor and receive detailed feedback.


The speaking section of this website provides the delegate with opportunities to practice his/her oral communication with a tutor via Skype. The tutor will assess the delegate's fluency and coherence, lexical resource, grammatical range and accuracy, and pronunciation. Familiar topics, as well as more complex and abstract concepts, will be discussed.